Post-Workshop To-Do List!


Thank you to all of our participants and coordinators! We were delighted to see you on March 24 & 25 and are looking forward to compiling your digital edition of the Fifteen Prayers of Saint Bridget, Columbia University Plimpton Add. MS 04.

This post will tell you what your ongoing obligations are in order to be listed as an editor of our digital facsimile edition.  It will also tell you how to go about tackling those obligations!

First of all: check the course Dropbox folder (you have the link — if you don’t, email for a reminder) and download the sample .xml file from the Dropbox folder.  Encoding in this file will provide you with a root xml element, a linked TEI schema, and the basics of a header, so that oXygen won’t yell at you for that part of the coding.

Encode your section of the manuscript according to the rules we devised collaboratively in the course google document posted here.  If the encoding rules are unclear — read on!

Email when you have questions or concerns that you want to have posted on the blog for discussion or that you want answered individually.  Remember that Alisa is at Columbia every Thursday, and will be happy to meet with you to troubleshoot oXygen crankiness.  Just send an email!

Keep an eye on your email for an anonymous post-workshop feedback survey — the more feedback we receive, the better the next workshop can be.

Check this blog often and keep an eye on new posts — participate actively in questions / discussions / debates about how to encode this document!

Looking forward to seeing your encoding!

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